Hokuryo’s JGAP Certified Farms Hokuryo’s
JGAP Certified Farms

In May 2018, Hamanasu farm and Morioka farm, which belong to our subsidiary,“Daiichi Poultry Farm” obtained JGAP certification. In December same year, our Sapporo and Chitose farms also obtained the same certification. We now intend to obtain this certification at our other farms in Hokkaido.

What is JGAP ?


“JGAP” is a set of certification standards created by the Japan GAP Foundation in 2006 and it proves that the production process with this certificate ensures food safety in eco-friendly manner. This is one of the production process management methods which MAFF encourages producers to take up.
Farms that are proved by third party inspectors to comply with JGAP are entitled to obtain JGAP certifications.
Only properly managed farms can provide safe and healthy agri products.